Case study

A brand-new start for Fudo.

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A multifaceted challenge.

Fudo, a company operating in Latin America, offers software for managing restaurants and bars. As they expanded, they adopted a new brand identity for their marketing site, yet their mobile and web apps remained stuck with an outdated version of Material Design components. This fragmentation not only created a disjointed user experience but also hindered developers whenever new features needed to be introduced.

The project's objective was to establish a robust design system that would seamlessly integrate the new visual language across Fudo's products. Simultaneously, we aimed to develop comprehensive documentation and design patterns to alleviate design debt and empower teams to deploy features more efficiently.

A process that engaged everyone.

We successfully streamlined our workflow without disrupting the team's daily operations. To achieve this, we strategically involved team members at key points where their expertise could enhance the process. Fortunately, everyone was highly engaged and collaborative throughout the project, from programmers to the CTO and other stakeholders.

Scalable colour with accessibility in focus.

The existing brand palette was limited and didn't cater to real-world product scenarios. We expanded it using a system based on perceived colour luminance, resulting in a harmonious colour scale with consistent tones. This approach facilitated measuring contrast to ensure compliance with international standards. Additionally, incorporating new shades into the palette became effortless due to our solid foundational framework.

Crafting components with the perfect balance.

Our components were carefully designed and built to meet the needs of multi-platform products. They embodied the brand's essence while enhancing user experience and accessibility. We collaborated with team members to ensure we struck the right balance in documenting specifications, avoiding unnecessary complexity while providing all the necessary details. This approach resulted in a final component library that allowed us to refresh existing screens with the new visual language.

Unleashing benefits with the new design system.

  • Branded experience across products
  • Faster decision-making
  • Consistent and improved UI
  • A shared design language
“Fuller’s design system saved us time, giving us more room to innovate and allowing us to ship faster.”
Nicolás Dankiewicz
Mobile app engineer

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